Between Waters: From the Sacred to Disaster


For centuries, an intrinsic and harmonious connection was shared between indigenous peoples and the nature of their territory. Now, as a result of the climatic change brought by the action of men, these same indigenous peoples are facing threats to their subsistence in their ancestral lands. In the Andes, the snowcapped mountains that provide water to the towns of the mountain range are melting too fast and are in danger of disappearance. Torrential rains affect their cultures. In the Amazon forests, people observe changes in biodiversity and in their traditional way of life. "Between Waters" explores the tribulations and difficulties that the indigenous peoples of Peru face, people who have contributed the least to climate change but, nevertheless, suffer the most from the adverse effects on their environment.

Produced by Centro de Culturas IndĂ­genas el PerĂș (CHIRAPAQ), this video is carried out with the support of Tebtebba, IFAD and NORAD. Director - Ludovico Pigeon; Overall Coordinator - Tarcila Rivera Zea; Executive Producer - Nestor Casafranca. 2010.