Our Priority Program Areas and Support Services



I. Priority Program Areas and Activities


A. Enhancing Capacities for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation


B. Effective National Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)


C. Promotion and Implementation of International Human Rights Law and the UNDRIP at National, Regional and Global Levels


D. Philippine National Program for Indigenous Peoples’ Empowerment and Sustainable Development


E. Indigenous Peoples’ Sustainable and Self-Determined Development (IPSSDD)


II. Support Functions and Services


1. Training Institute

a. International Human Rights Law and Instruments (e.g., UNDRIP)
b. Multilateral Environmental Agreements (e.g., CBD, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change/UNFCCC, Desertification Convention, etc.)
c. Integrated and Holistic Framework for IPSSDD (human rights-, ecosystem-, knowledge-based approaches and the intercultural approach)
d. Capacity building for research, advocacy and campaigns, use of information and communication technologies
e. Gender sensitivity and gender analysis
f. Governance
g. Participatory, indigenous-sensitive action research and documentation


2. Research and Documentation


3. Engendering Indigenous Peoples’ Formations


4. Institution, Network, Partnership and Leadership Building and Development


5. Publication and Communication

a. Indigenous Perspectives
b. Tebtebba Magazine
c. Policy and Briefing Papers
d. Books, Training Modules and other Special Publications


6. Resource Center


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