18 July, 2018
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Indigenous Peoples Call for the Urgent Adoption of the Green Climate Fund’s Indigenous Peoples Policy Written by Paul Nera 1499
The Tenth Anniversary of the Adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Written by Paul Nera 1076
Indigenous peoples strengthen capacities to input to GCF related policies and to understand IP access to the Fund Written by Helen Biangalen-Magata 4854
IFAD-IPAF Joint Monitoring held in India Written by Marie N. Ngoddo 5310
Green Climate Fund adopts decision to develop an Indigenous Peoples Policy Written by Helen Biangalen-Magata 4709
Towards indigenous- and gender-sensitive Emissions Reduction Programs Written by Indigenous Women Programme 4732
Asia Regional Workshop for Business and Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples Written by Paul Nera 7169
Indigenous Women in the Philippines Participated in FAO-FIMI’s Program Written by Maribeth V. Bugtong-Biano 7682
Training strengthens support of Dura leaders for community monitoring Written by Paul Nera 6897
CBMIS Orientation at Barangay Tulludan, Tinoc, Ifugao Written by A. Kitma 6701
Defeating our struggles, Celebrating our Victories Written by Helen Biangalen-Magata 6841
Indigenous peoples call for the recognition of rights at the Green Climate Fund Written by Helen Biangalen-Magata 5975
Computerizing, automating libraries and other trends Written by Paul Nera 12237
Online publications help expand Tebtebba’s global reach Written by Paul Nera 10534
Indigenous peoples document their past to save their future Written by Paul Nera 11189
Indigenous peoples assert check-and-balance role in government-UN biodiversity programs Written by Paul Nera 10391
Global indigenous peoples' climate change partnership aims for sustainability Written by Paul Nera 9888
Supporting sustainable waste management Written by Paul Nera 9613
New Special Rapporteur to focus on indigenous “collective” rights Written by Paul Nera 9856
Special Rapporteur to present mandate, vision and plans Written by Paul Nera 9679