25 January, 2020

Green Climate Fund Readiness and Indigenous Peoples

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The discrepancies registered in some countries covered by this study between existing legislation on indigenous peoples and the capacity of National Designated Authorities and Accredited Entities to properly understand, own and fulfill obligations related to indigenous peoples... and their lack of awareness and low level of information on the GCF pose significant challenges. [T]hese would significantly jeopardize the potential opportunities deriving from indigenous peoples’ engagement in the GCF activities and programs at the national level as well as GCF’s capacity to fully acknowledge and facilitate the effective positive contribution of indigenous peoples in pursuing its transformational goals for mitigation and adaptation.




Executive Summary
  by Francesco Martone, on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples' Advocacy Team on the GCF
The Time is Now 
Country Ownership or Peoples' Ownership 
This Report 
Country-Specific Recommendations 
General Recommendations and Proposals

Democratic Republic of Congo: Let the Indigenous Voice In
  by Adrien Sinafasi Makelo, Executive Director, Dignité Pygmée, Democratic Republic of Congo
DRC Policies on Climate and Climate Related Funds
DRC National Architecture of GCF
Indigenous Peoples and Use of Climate Funds
Challenges and Opportunities

Kenya: An Indigenous Peoples' Perspective of GCF Readiness Support
  by Kimaren Ole Riamit, Executive Director, Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA), Kenya
Study Methodology
Green Climate Fund: An Overview
Climate Change Policies and Programs, Stakeholder Engagement and Institutional Arrangements
Climate Change Financing and the Case for Indigenous Peoples 
GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support 
Discussion, Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations

Peru: Securing Rights-Based Approach
  by The Centre for Indigenous Cultures of Peru & International Indigenous Women's Forum
The State, Climate and Indigenous Peoples 
"Administration" of Indigenous Affairs
Climate, Territory and Indigenous Participation with Multisector Approaches
Agency and Proposal of the Indigenous Movement 
Development of Strategies by Indigenous Movement 

Vietnam: Equalizing Opportunities for Ethnic Minority Participation
  by Vu Thi Hien, Luong Thi Truong, Pham Mau Tai, Hua Mai Huong, Tran Thi Hien, Ho Thanh Thuy
Non-State Stakeholders’ Participation in Climate Policies, Programs, Projects
Engagement in Climate Finance Mechanisms
Vietnam and the Green Climate Fund
Technical Preparation and Capacity Building
Non-State Stakeholder Participation in Readiness Preparation
Awareness of Local Communities and Ethnic Minorities on GCF and NDA
Challenges and Opportunities

Nicaragua: GCF Barely Known Among Non-State Stakeholders
  by Dennis Mairena Arauz & Eileen Mairena Cunningham
Center for Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples (CADPI), Nicaragua
Climate Finance Framework 
National and International Legal Frameworks related to Climate Change
Dialogue and Participation of Stakeholders 
Identification of Institutional and/or Policy Gaps 
Conclusions and Recommendations


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