25 January, 2020

Tebtebba (Volume 17, 2018)

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January - December 2018
GOAL: Promote indigenous peoples’ sustainable, self-determined development at local and national levels towards its operationalization and upscaling and work for the protection and fulfillment of human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.
  1. Continue support to partner indigenous peoples’ organizations in Asia, Latin America and Africa to strengthen their communities through the sustained implementation of their sustainable, self-determined development plans, including upscaling of sustainable traditional and innovative livelihoods and their community-based monitoring and information systems.
  2. Together with partners from the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Network on Climate Change, Forests and Sustainable Development, sustain engagement in local/sub-national, national and global levels to ensure that states and other actors respect and implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Sustainable Development Goals, and other relevant decisions and evolving standards (e.g., UNFCCC Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform, GCF Indigenous Peoples’ Policy).
  3. Establish the capacity building program and knowledge sharing platform (IPSSDD Training Institute) and launch the initial series of training and education activities on IPSSDD, and human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.
  4. Continue to support the work of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples so that the UNSR is able to fulfill its mandate.
  5. Sustain enhancement of Tebtebba’s organizational capacity, undertake strategic planning and secure adequate resources to support effective implementation of its programs.



In 2017, Tebtebba achieved its objectives and most of its planned activities for the year and even achieved significant gains in several key areas of work. 

In relation to operationalization of indigenous peoples’ sustainable, self-determined development, we continued support for some partner indigenous peoples’ organizations and communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In particular, Tebtebba provided direct support for seven among its 18 partners under the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Partnership on Climate Change, Forests and Sustainable Development, which include the following:
  1. Institut Dayakologi (ID) – Indonesia
  2. Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Research and Development (CIPRED) - Nepal 
  3. Centre of Research and Development in Upland Areas (CERDA) - Vietnam 
  4. Lelewal – Cameroon
  5. Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) – Kenya
  6. Centro de Culturas Indígenas el Perú (Chirapaq) – Peru
  7. Conselho Indigena de Roraima (CIR) – Brazil


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