19 August, 2019

Indigenous Peoples' Sustainable, Self-Determined Development: A Training Course for Community Trainers

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IPSSDD Training Course

Indigenous Peoples' Sustainable, Self-Determined Development (IPSSDD) puts indigenous peoples’ rights in the center of development and ensures protection and management of natural resources, support for traditional livelihoods, respect for cultural diversity and recognition of the vital role of indigenous women and youth.




I. MODULE ONE. The Global Multiple Crises and Indigenous Peoples
Session 1: What is in the News?
Session 2. Film Showing of “Fever/Fiebre”
Session 3. History of Human-Nature Relations and Challenges
Session 4. Indigenous Peoples as Political Actors
II. MODULE TWO. The Human Rights-Based Approach to Indigenous Peoples’ Development
Session 1. Introduction to Human Rights
Session 2. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
Session 3. The Human Rights-Based Approach
Session 4. Panel Presentation: Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences in Using Human Rights Tools and Mechanisms
III. MODULE THREE. Gender, Intergenerational and Intercultural Approach
Session 1. Culture, Cultural Diversity and Interculturality
Session 2. Traditional Knowledge
Session 3. Gender and Intergenerational Perspectives
IV. MODULE FOUR. Indigenous Territorial Management: An Applied Ecosystems-Based Approach
Session 1. Indigenous Peoples’ Territorial Management
Session 2. The Ecosystems Approach as the General Framework for the Work of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Session 3. Biodiversity and Climate Change
V. MODULE FIVE. Sustainable Economies and Well-Being
Session 1. Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives on Well-Being
Session 2. Sustainable Local Economies
Session 3. Issues and Challenges to Sustainable Local Economies
Session 4. Building on our Gains
Closing Session
Download .pdf version here.