20 November, 2019

Knowledge, Innovation & Resilience: Indingeous Peoples' Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures

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Knowledge, Innovation and Resilience“Indigenous peoples are vital to, and active in, the many ecosystems that inhabit their lands and territories and may therefore help enhance the resilience of these ecosystems… [T]hey interpret and react to the impacts of climate change in creative ways, drawing on traditional knowledge and other technologies to find solutions which may help society at large to cope with impending changes.”  - UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues



  • Enhancing Resilience through Sustainable Development in Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Taking the Initiative: The Chin on Climate Change in Burma
  • Understanding Interactions between Global Climate Change and Traditional Lifestyle Initiatives of the Bidayuh-Jagoi in Malaysia
  • Reclaiming Forests and Coasts: Indigenous Peoples Cope with Climate Change
  • Increased Vulnerabilities due to Climate Change: The Case of the Kep A Village in Northern Vietnam
  • Coping with Drought: Climate Change and Maasai Pastoralists in Tanzania
  • Ways of the Mbororo: Responding to Environmental Changes in Cameroon
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