12 December, 2019

Approved Application for the Additional Financing - Tarayana Foundation

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Tarayana has been actively engaged in the REDD+ process both at the national as well as at the grassrootsthrough the following:

  • Member of Technical Working Group & Task Force (TWG) of REDD+
  • Carried out awareness on REDD+ in the rural/indigenous communities
  • Conducted consultations on the drivers of deforestation in rural areas
  • Participated in the national consultations
  • Participated in preparation on REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan Workshop
  • Conducted Capacity Building on REDD+ in Rural Bhutan with the funds of FCPF CBP

The Foundation will continue to supportthe Watershed Management Division in organizing consultations onREDD+ strategy design. Tarayana has facilitated and organized consultations in communities where it works on driversof deforestation and forest degradation. In 2017, the Foundation was engaged in organizing similarconsultations for developing interventions or Policies and Measures for those drivers/causes and also engagedto bring out indigenous knowledge and design strategy measures for REDD+ activities.


Download Tarayana Foundation application here.