12 December, 2019

Approved Application for Additional Financing - Royal Society for Protection of Nature

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RSPN was founded as a citizen based non-profit, non-governmental environment organization in 1987 to support environment conservation in Bhutan. The Society was registered under the Companies Act of Bhutan until last quarter of 2009 without proper authority which regulated the non-profit organization, with a special clause on non-profitentity.WiththeestablishmentofCivilSocietyOrganization AuthorityofBhutan,pursuant to the Civil Society Organizations Act[1], the   Societyisnowregisteredunder civil society organization authority as one of the public benefit organizations(PBO).

RSPN works on environmental education and advocacy, conservation and sustainable livelihoods, research and emergingissueslikeclimatechange,solidwasteandwater.RSPNprogrammesarebasedonitsfive-yearstrategic planandincludespecies,ecosystem,andcommunitybasedconservationprogramsmainly outsidetheprotected area system.  The RSPN’s program continues to involve students/ individuals in schools, institutions, and communities throughout the country for

various project activities.

Regular advocacy programs on emerging environmental problems are also carried out with the help of local volunteers, stakeholder organizations, partners and members. Efforts include waste clean up and management campaigns,networkingandcollaborationwithrelevantnational,regionalandinternationalagencies.Institutional developmentandcapacitybuildingforresearchandincreasedpublicinvolvementinenvironmentalprogramsare priorities of the organization for sustained conservationefforts.

[1]Chapter 2: CSOs shall refer to associations, societies, foundations, charitable trust, not-for-profit organizations or other entities that are not part of Government and do not distribute any income or profit to their members, founders, donors, directors or trustees.  CSOs do not include trade unions, political parties, cooperatives or religious organizations which are devoted primarily to religious worship.  CSOs are either PBOs or Mutual Benefit Organizations (MBOs).  PBOs are established in order to benefit a section or the society as a whole while MBOs are established to advance the shared interests of their members and supporters.


Download RSPN applcation here.