23 June, 2018

Stories of Eugene, the Earthworm: Learning and Teaching Vermiculture in Baguio City

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Stories of Eugene, the Earthworm

About the Book:The stories in this book tell of first-hand experiences of members of the Baguio Vermi Growers (BVG), both indigenous and non-indigenous, as they practice sustainable waste management in an urban setting in the Philippines. Vermiculture is a method of composting that uses earthworms - or Eugene, as members of BVG call them - to speed up the process. The stories narrate how vermiculture is done as one of the proven effective waste management techniques for biodegradable garbage. By processing biodegradable wastes, vermiculture contributes to the reduction of emissions of chemical compounds into the atmosphere...and significantly decreases the biodegradable garbage in the dumpsites, which is one source of greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides. These GHGs are the major cause of global warming and climate change.

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