21 January, 2020

AIWN Magazines

Asian Indigenous Women's Network magazines.


AIWN Magazine Nos. 1-2, 2009

Filename: aiwn-magazine-nos-1-and-2-2009.pdf
File Size: 4.46 MB
Date: 05 August 2011

aiwn-magazine-nos-1-and-2-2009The 2009 issues of the AIWN magazine continue to give focus on the human rights of Asian indigenous women.

AIWN Magazine No. 1, 2008

Filename: aiwn-magazine-no-1-2008.pdf
File Size: 3.42 MB
Date: 05 August 2011

aiwn-magazine-no-1-2008The first of the 2008 issues of AIWN magazine has focus on Asian indigenous women responding to climate change.

AIWN Magazine No. 2, 2008

Filename: aiwn-magazine-no-2-2008.pdf
File Size: 5.42 MB
Date: 05 August 2011

aiwn-magazine-no-2-2008Violence against indigenous women is the highlight in the 2008 second issue of the AIWN magazine.

AIWN Magazine Nos. 1-2, 2007

Filename: aiwn-magazine-nos-1and-2-2007.pdf
File Size: 2.39 MB
Date: 05 August 2011

aiwn-magazine-nos-1and-2-2007"Breaking free from the shackles that bind us." This is the heart of the 2007 issue of the Asian Indigenous Women Network magazine.

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