28 January, 2020

FCPF Capacity Building Project

Vanuatu Foresters Association (VFA) Approved Proposal

Filename: vfa final application .pdf
File Size: 149.51 kB
Date: 15 November 2017
Forest Carbon Partnership Facility-Capacity Building on REDD+ for Forest-Dependent Indigenous Peoples in East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) and South Asia Region (SAR) Project (FCPF-CBP)
Sub-Project Title: Building the capacity of the Vanuatu indigenous forests dependent population to be aware of REDD+ and how they could adjust their socio-economic activities in
order to enhance the carbon stocks and simultaneously adapt to impacts of climate change.

First Progress Report (June 30, 2017)

Filename: project progress report june 2017.pdf
File Size: 8.56 MB
Date: 02 August 2017

This Capacity Building Project (CBP) is being funded under Phase two of the Readiness Fund of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) being managed by the World Bank (WB).  The CBP has two components, one for forest-dependent indigenous peoples and another for Southern Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities.  Its objective is to provide forest-dependent indigenous peoples, and Southern CSOs and local communities with information, knowledge, and awareness on REDD+ to enhance their understanding on REDD+, and to enable them to engage more meaningfully in the implementation of REDD+ readiness activities.  The aim is to support activities that empower and enable these stakeholder groups, to enhance and influence REDD+ development outcomes, and also to strengthen mechanisms for inclusion, accountability, and participation. It is being implemented through the WB’s “Procedures for Small Recipient-Executed Trust Fund Grants.”

The FCPF's Capacity Building Program for Forest-Dependent IPs and Southern Civil Society Organizations: Results from 2009-2016

Filename: fcpf-capacity building program report_final.web.pdf
File Size: 3.42 MB
Date: 18 July 2017
For almost a decade now, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) has been supporting efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), in the global fight against climate change. A key component of this work has been to ensure the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples (IPs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) in REDD+ activities. One of the most successful FCPF initiatives on this front has been its Capacity Building Program for Forest-Dependent Indigenous Peoples and Southern Civil Society Organizations.
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